Working under the authorization of the RCMP as well as ICBC and from a provincial data base of all BC licensed vehicles, reported stolen cars, trucks, trailers, motorcycles, snow machines etc. Volunteers that are Citizens Patrol members are able to verify whether a vehicle is stolen or not by simply entering the license plate number into their onboard computer. The stolen vehicle data base is updated on a daily basis by the British Columbia Crime Prevention Association and is in turn updated by volunteer members prior to each patrol. Should a stolen vehicle be identified, the Patrol will inform the RCMP and maintain observation of the vehicle until the police arrive.

In the course of their annual volunteer duties it is not uncommon for the Patrol to check thousands of vehicle license plates and regularly identify stolen vehicles.   Additionally, as a courtesy to all BC drivers, Patrol members regularly do Parking Lot Audits with the intent of identifying vehicles whose ICBC insurance sticker may be about to expire or may have already expired. Should Patrol members find such a vehicle a professional notification is left on the vehicle advising the owner/driver of the situation. These two programs have been credited with saving BC drivers tens of thousands of dollars by getting vehicles returned to their rightful owner or by saving them potential motor vehicle fines.

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